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Tom Murphy
Master Club Fitter, Class A Clubmaker

As the owner and operator of JACK OF CLUBS II, Tom Murphy has provided Hyatt Hills with the recognition as the only golf course in New Jersey with a professional clubmaker and a fully equipped clubmaking and clubfitting facility on its premises.

Tom is a Class A Member of the Golf Club Makers Of America (GCA) and a long-standing member of the Professional Club Maker’s Society (PCS). Articles have been written about him in two magazines, The Journal of the American Medical Association and the PCS Magazine, recognizing him for the work he’s done over the years to help physically challenged golfers get back into a tee-box and enjoy the game of their dreams. Tom has worked with several PGA touring profesional, as well as with many leading PGA golf professionals at clubs in New Jersey and New York.

Tom’s golf club fitting systems are all state of art. His most recent addition is the exciting ZELOCITY FREQUENCY ANALYZER, the only system that features Doplar Radar for pin-point-accuracy readings. Tom can fit all major manufactured sets, and specializes in fitting or making Mizuno (top 100), KZG (top 100), Callaway, Ping, Titleist, Cobra, Infinity and MacGregor.

Tom offers to analyze your existing clubs, free of charge, and then make recommendations about retrofitting them or fitting you with a new set. Same-day re-gripping and re-shafting ... he carries today’s most popular shafts in inventory. All adjustments are made on site in his extensive studio.