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The World's Largest Golf Outing

Every year, American veterans return home from around the globe to re-assimilate into society. This transition is usually a difficult one, often made even more challenging by debilitating injuries suffered while serving. The World’s Largest Golf Outing has made it their mission to help Read More

Lexi Thompson Loses LPGA ANA Inspiration After Rules Controversy

Lexi Thompson must feel a little bit cheated. Over the weekend, the then-leader of the ANA Inspiration – one of the LPGA’s five Major Tournaments – was given a 4-stroke penalty on Sunday because of a viewer who emailed in a potential rules infraction they had seen on TV.   The Read More

Happy Thanksgiving from Hyatt Hills

Hoping everyone had a happy thanksgiving! Hope to see you out at the course soon. Book a Tee Time Here Read More

January 2016

The Range is now open after 27 inches of snow. Get out of your house and hit some balls. Read More

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