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Leo Tabick

PGA Player Coach

Leo P. Tabick is a member of the coaching staff at the Hyatt Hills Golf Complex. He is the Lead Instructor of our Summer Junior camp Program. Leo is a Class A PGA Professional with nearly 50 years of experience and is re-certified every three years through the PGA National Educational process.

He is the Director of Instruction for the Golf Performance Academy which he owns and operates. As a “Class A” PGA Professional, Leo served as Head Professional at courses including: LaTourette Golf Course; Inwood Country Club, Inwood, NY; Van Cortlandt Park Golf Course, Bronx, NY; and Lido Golf Club, Lido Beach, NY.

Leo’s Background

Also, Leo was the Director of Instruction at the Randall’s Island Golf Academy at the Randall’s Island Golf Practice Center, New York, NY. He was an instructor at the "One Move" Golf School, Port Saint Lucie, FL, with Carl Lohren, playing professional Senior PGA, and Gene Borek.

Among the other highlights in Leo’s career, are:

  • American Golf Corporation 2000 Northeast Regional Golf Professional of the Year.
  • Contributing author and technical advisor to Long Island Golf Magazine.
  • Member of the Metropolitan PGA Board of Governors.
  • Metropolitan PGA Junior golf Chairman
  • Metropolitan PGA Junior Golf Promoter Award recipient.
  • Tournament Committee member, Metropolitan PGA.
  • Twice nominated for the NJ PGA Teacher of the Year Award (2018 and 2019)

Leo’s philosophy is that the game of golf can be played by anyone who has the time and patience to gather core information. He believes everyone has his or her own swing, it’s just a matter of finding it. Utilizing a cadre of training aids and practice drills, Leo’s approach is to work with you on both the physical and mental side of golf while preparing you to manage the course.

Many of his junior golfers are accomplished tournament and/or team players with several championships among them.

Under the banner of the Golf Performance Academy, Leo brings his expertise and experience to players of all ages. Through a hands-on golf curriculum that includes individual instruction and a variety of group programs throughout the year geared for adults and committed junior players, Leo can impart his love of golf and philosophy to his students.

Leo’s Focus

Helping the competitive player take their game to the next level is where Leo applies his expertise. Whether it’s the adult player wanting to standout in their regular foursome, or the junior player wanting to move up the ranks in their school team or slice some strokes off their tournament scores, Leo shows you how to do it. His methodology is based on achieving the proper grip, posture and alignment, as related to the shape of the golf club, standing on the inside of the target line while applying the correct balance and timing.

Leo believes that his role is to make the game easier for you so that you absorb the concepts of golf. While there are many different ways to do that, his approach is to find that one unique swing that is right for you. He helps you relax and makes sure you know that golf is a game. All you need to do is spend a little time practicing the drills he teaches, and you will improve!

If you utilize this information, thereby improving your golf course awareness, you will be amazed at the increased satisfaction you will get by thinking and reacting like a professional.

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